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A badass photographer based in Berlin, who loves to give things their own strong esthetic.

Jakob Ebert was born in Berlin, March 2. 1982. Growing up in Berlin in the ’90s meant growing up in a city that changed, in an urban, colorful and inspirational playground. Armed with his first camera, he started his filmic carrier with black and white photos and let the lens lead his way. His early interest in visual arts and his devotion and fascination for photography, slowly but continuously developed toward moving images. Right after he graduated he followed his passion, starting to work as an assistent camera on various films and, through the years, made his way up through all ranks. During this process his own body of work kept growing and, step by step, he nurtured his personal style. 
These days, as a director of photography, Jakob Ebert shoots tv series, tv feature films, commercials as well as independent projects. He is a skilled and reliable visual artist and a very good team player. Working on many different projects, he developed a special reputation for not only his work on film but also for his personal style and talent as a photographer.

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